International Conference on

Renewable Energy & Emerging

Theme: Advanced Emerging Technologies help to meet Renewable Energy Goals in Future

Event Date & Location

Jakarta, Indonesia

Organized by Institute For Engineering Research and Publication



About Us

IFERP cordially invites you researchers & scholars around the globe to attend the "International Conference on Renewable Energy and Emerging Technologies (ICREET-19)" which is going to be held at Jakarta, Indonesia on 13th & 14th November 2019. This conference has various activities like Keynote presentation, Oral Presentation, and Poster presentation.
Researchers and Scholars from all parts of the world will take part in this conference to discuss the Innovations in various felids of Renewable energy, Advantages, and their impact on climate sustainability. This conference provides you with a platform to interact with the other fellow researchers to gain more knowledge about new technologies and advancements to improve the efficiency of the existing techniques.
We are using a lot of non-renewable fuel for energy generation which causes a lot of pollution to the environment. We can conserve our earth by utilizing the naturally occurring sources of energy like solar, wind, tidal, hydro etc. which will never get exhausted. We have a lot of renewable energy sources for the replacement of fossil fuels and other things. Nowadays, the world’s interest is moving towards renewable energy sources but not to the mark due to lack of advanced techniques. This conference will give you great knowledge about the new advanced techniques and developments in utilizing renewable energy sources.
The usage of Renewable Energy source will reduce the global pollution to a considerable extent. We can reduce the use of coal in power plants and instead use geothermal energy which helps reduce air pollution. Likewise, the use of other renewable energy sources will result in the reduction of pollution and their impact. This conference will give you the knowledge about the usage and advancement in the field of Renewable Energy sources.


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